St. John's Lutheran Church, Delaware Run, was officially founded in 1816.  Legend states that our congregation originally met by the river, which has earned the congregation the nickname of "The River Church."  The original church building at the current site was a log structure.

In 1867, the current building was completed.  The stone marker above the main entrance of the church still reads, "St. John's Delaware Run Union Church, April 28, 1867."  St. John's was originally a Union Church, offering its building for the use of a Reformed congregation as well as a Lutheran congregation.  The Reformed congregation disbanded around 1910, leaving the building to the Lutheran congregation.

From 1867-1964, St. John's shared a pastor with First Lutheran Church, Watsontown (although the congregation shared a pastor with other parishes since 1816.)  Since 1964, St. John's has been a single pastorate.

In 1962, the social hall and educational wing were added to the original structure.  The parsonage, located next door to the church, was completed in 1967.  The land across from the church (a picnic area since 1965) was donated to the church and converted into a park in 1978.

A tornado damaged the church in 1985; however, with the help of the community, the church was repaired and restored.

St. John's is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is a part of the Upper Susquehanna Synod.